The Long Man 


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After going to the movie theater to watch a horror flick for their third date, young couple MARY HINKLE and TOM HALE decide to walk back to their homes together. It’s a 20-minute walk on a cloudy, yet warm night, which is the perfect way to end their date on. On the way, they have a friendly debate regarding the existence of supernatural beings. Tom believes in ghosts and ghouls, and every mythological creature known and unknown to man, but Mary has always been skeptical. Above all, he suspects that the legend of The Long Man is true, which Mary finds extremely humorous and implausible. To prove her bravery, Tom dares her to walk through the local cemetery alone, which she happily agrees to do. However, it isn’t long before an eerie fog drifts through the cemetery, concealing everything from her view. The moon also mysteriously morphs into a full moon. Mary suddenly has the sinking suspicion that she’s not alone. Her worry is proven correct when she begins seeing tentacle-like arms extend towards her through the fog, connected to an excessively tall man in a suit. He has no face. Mary attempts to escape the supernatural entity, but it physically takes a toll on her whenever it draws nearer. Tom braves the cemetery to rescue his girlfriend, who frantically fills him in on the deadly situation as they continue being pursued. Immediately, he knows it’s The Long Man who’s after them. As their symptoms worsen, Mary and Tom struggle to escape the cemetery, but the thick fog makes it an impossible feat. Tom knows they’re close to an exit, having mapped the area in his mind from all his solo excursions, but his increasing fear and pain block him from thinking clearly. Without warning, Mary vanishes from beside Tom. Soon after, all remnants of The Long Man vanish, leaving Tom with a foreboding feeling that he’ll never see Mary again.