Cemetery Knight: Book 1 is available on Amazon now! 



IAN MCKNIGHT, vampire owner of the only funeral home in town, shows his respect for the dead by personally digging graves and tending to the cemetery. He’s devastated when he and mortician STEFAN BECKETT, his only friend, schedule a funeral for a young girl kidnapped and tortured nearly a decade ago. On his way to work the next morning, Ian stumbles across a bloody crime scene by a playground, but newcomer DETECTIVE APRIL MONTGOMERY ushers him away before he gets a visual on the body. However, the town is so small that Stefan doubles as the coroner and the victim’s body is brought to the funeral home for an autopsy to be conducted. Meanwhile, Ian catches the scent of something foul and deceased, which isn’t a dead body and that no one else can smell. Stefan confronts Ian regarding the results, which appears to be a vicious vampire attack, but Ian hasn’t fed on humans for nearly a century. Ian realizes that the foul stench is a vampire’s scent and that somehow, a new one has been created. Now he must track down the new vampire before another victim can be claimed. Heavy questions linger in the wake of these deaths: who created the new vampire, how did they do it, and what is their endgame?

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